During Your Visit

Sandwich Kitchens is centrally located in our home. Our home is entirely installed with Shiloh custom cabinetry. Upon your arrival, you will be able to see what a working kitchen looks like, a few years after installation. As you will find, the beauty of this cabinetry does not fade away. On top of the kitchen, we also have a movie theater complete with custom cabinetry and a showroom loaded with cabinet doors, hardware, and granite options. With Sandwich Kitchens being located in our home, we are able to keep our costs lower than our competitors and focus on our clients needs.

Design Software

At our location, you will also see our design room that uses 20/20 software.

Sandwich Kitchens, along with the majority of today’s kitchen Designers utilize a software design program called 20/20. The way it works is manufacturers have their cabinets inputed into the 20/20 design program. The model numbers and pricing of all the parts and pieces are therefore present when I design a kitchen for a client. This enables me to design a complete kitchen and instantly arrive at a price. Another benefit of the program is that should a customer arrive at Sandwich Kitchens, see their design and want to change a few things, I can perform these changes with them and see right away what the cost difference is.